• Fire Policy:

             The Fire Policy cover all properties on land (excluding the cost of land and those in transit), moveable or immoveable. Special Types of Policies are available for Stocks, Plant & Machinery, and Building. Policy can be extended to cover certain additional perils and expenses at additional premium.

    There are policies to suit your individual needs with varied sum assured and coverage.

    What can be covered:

    • All moveable/ immoveable properties on land (excluding the cost of land and those in transit) categorised as follows :
    • 1.Stocks:

    • Raw Materials
    • Finished Goods
    • Work in progress
    • Stock in trade of Wholesaler, Manufacturer and Retailer.
    • 2.Building:

    • Completed or under construction (excluding the cost/value of land).
    • Furniture and fittings, Interiors, Partitions and Electricals.
    • 3. Plant & Machinery & Equipments

    • New Machinery.
    • Second Hand Machinery
    • Obsolete Machinery
    • 4. Other Contents such as

    • Furniture, Fixtures and Fittings
    • Cables, Pipings
    • Spares, Tools and Stores
    • Household goods etc.
    • 5. Specific Items such as bullion, unset precious stones, curios, work of arts, manuscripts, plans, drawings, securities, obligations or documents, stamps, coins or paper money, cheques, books of accounts, computer system records, explosives are can be covered.
    • Exclusions are applicable

    Note: Policy details given are indicative, not exhaustive. Please contact us for further details For a complete list of coverage, terms and exclusions kindly contact us @ email - krishbajaj71@gmail.com,9884733043.